Water Diet

Many diets demand strict control on the  amount and kinds of food that you consume. This can make diets difficult to follow and sustain, and often, crash  diets can lead to dangerous levels of weight loss. Some crash diets, when stopped, might even result in weight gain. On the other hand, the so-called water diet makes no such stipulations. It simply calls for more water consumption. Is this water diet safe and effective?


The Water Diet is a general term that applies to diets that require you to take water of a certain temperature at a certain time, usually before a meal. A water diet does not restrict your food consumption, nor does it limit the foods that you can eat.

It also does not require certain exercise routines or regimens. However, according to its disciples, the Water Diet can be followed by anyone at any time, and they can still lose weight.


People who are overweight or obese are also often dehydrated. This lack of water can also result in slower metabolism, which leads to slower absorption of nutrients and even more weight gain. Conversely, drinking around 8 glasses of water a day can speed up metabolism, encourage fat burning, and lead to weight loss. Increased water consumption can also lead to faster cell rejuvenation and renewal, which can lead to clearer skin, among many other advantages.

In the Water Diet, the body is given cold water to drink constantly, and under the assumption that cold water has to be warmed by the body before it can be consumed – a process that also consumes calories. The colder the water is, the more calories the body has to burn in order to heat it up. Water can also provide the illusion of being full. The kidneys also need water to flush out toxins.


There are many ways to do the water diet, but in general, they involve drinking 8 glasses of cold water of 8 oz each throughout the day, in addition to normal fluid intake. The water simply needs to be safe to drink. There are no recommendations for diet or exercise. However, people on the water diet are warned not to chew on ice cubes. They are also told to drink cold water right before a meal in order to curb their appetite; as well as to drink water during a meal to control their food intake.

Side Effects

Because there are no food restrictions or restrictions on activity, the water diet has no side effects – provided, of course, that it is done properly. Some dieters make the mistake of taking out food consumption altogether and drinking only water for several days. This is dangerous, as severe caloric restriction can lead to illness, even death.


There are many positive reviews for the Water Diet. Many have lauded how easy it is to do, and how they were able to lose around 5-10 lbs after doing it for 2 weeks. However, there are also those who overdo it, and who laud how their crash dieting also led to dramatic weight loss. While this might seem impressive, drinking only water is not recommended.


There are no released scientific papers on the water diet, although anecdotal evidence points to its effectiveness. Some people have lost tens of pounds a year while on the water diet, going six sizes down and inches off their waist. Independent studies show that water can indeed control hunger pangs and food intake, and that overweight persons who drank a glass of water before breakfast also reduced their intake of calories.

However, independent research also shows that the water diet might work
for people over 35, but younger people might need more than just water to control their hunger pangs.


There are no specific products associated with the water diet, although it is recommended that you drink water that is safe to consume, whether from the bottle or the tap.