Food Lovers Diet

Food Lovers Fat Loss System

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is a diet plan devised by a company known as Provida Life Sciences with the help of a certified nutritionist by the name of Robert Ferguson. The diet plan basically states that how a person eats is much more important than what a person eats. The diet suggests that the key to losing weight is to maintain the blood sugar level at a certain level. It is the decline or escalation in the blood sugar level that causes the body to store fats, which in turn leads to weight gain. The diet simply shows us how to have our meals so as to strike that blood sugar balance level so that the body burns the fat we take, instead of storing it inside. This will help the dieter lose weight.


The diet plan is very simple, which is a major attraction. The diet works by creating combinations of different foods, which is vital in the case of this diet. It allows us to eat a one-third of slow carbs, one third of fast carbs and one-third of proteins in a plate.

Food List

The best part about the diet is that we are free to eat whatever we want. There is no restriction on foods and drinks such as pasta, wine and even chocolates. The key is to maintain a balance between the food combinations, as mentioned above in the plan.


The program includes more than 1000 recipes with a wide variety of foods including Stir Fried Crabs, Grilled Apple Packets, Spicy Asian Chicken, Tomato Artichoke Pasta, Breakfast Burrito and many more.

Provida Life Sciences

Provida Life Sciences was established in 2000 and works for creating education based in-home fitness and weight loss programs. The products of the company include 5-Way Metabolic Weight Fighter, 6 Week Body Makeover Restaurant Companion, 6 Week Body Makeover, SMART technique automatic fat loss program and Food Lovers Fat Loss Program. The company designs these programs with the help of a nutritionist.


The food lovers weight loss program is available from Amazon and retails for around $120.


The reviews on the internet state that the diet doesn’t work for a majority of people. Even though there are a few success stories, some people think that it is simply the calorie shifting method that helps lose weight and not the product or the brand itself. For others, the diet didn’t work at all. Those who used it with another product of Provida, Detox Drop, stated that they lost weight initially, but gained by back on later when they stop taking it. Moreover, the diet is expensive as compared to its alternatives.

The company, Provida Life Science, has several bad reviews on the internet. According to the reviews, the company is a scam. They charge the credit cards of the customers and keep sending them things they didn’t order. The company refuses to pay shipping costs for returns even when the customers do not order the products they receive. It is also stated that the company sells credit card information to others. Many customers were charged extra for nothing. Most customers had to call their banks and have their cards cancelled due to this problem. The company also threatens the customers about taking them to court if they don’t pay the balance owed to them. However, the customers don’t actually owe that balance to the company since they get charged for things they don’t order.

Food Lovers Diet (Book)

The book ‘The Food Lovers Diet: Eating your Way to a healthy weight’ is written by Dr. Penny Small. The diet provides a do-it yourself solution to weight loss for those who do not want to give up the foods they love. The book includes a number of recipes for the readers to try out. The diet received mixed reviews. A few stated that the book was nothing like what they had expected and that it seemed like every other diet book to them, while others stated that they found it to be a good read and loved the recipes. The book is available on Amazon for $33.26.

The author of the book, Penny Small, belongs to Sydney, Australia and is certified nutritionist and a practicing dietitian. She served as the head of corporate nutrition at Nestle for many years and is currently working as a consultant at Nutrition and Wellness.