Truthaboutabs Review

Weight loss is a normal part of life these days because everyone wants to look great, but after trying all sorts of workout gimmicks and harsh diets you will probably become hopeless.

The truth about weight loss is that it will not happen overnight and it will take some dedication in order to burn off the fat in your body. So the key to success is finding an excellent program that allows you to lose weight efficiently without being overwhelmed by intensity.

The Truth About Abs program is one of the most successful workout programs on the internet because of how easy it is to apply what you learn into your everyday life.

Unlike the several dieting scams that can found online, this program actually provides you with concrete information on how you can effectively lose that extra weight.

One of the greatest things about this is that you can either buy the full program for $39.95 or get the 21 day trial program for $4.95. This is an excellent way to see what Mike Geary, the author who created Truth About Abs really has to offer before fully committing yourself to the program.


The entire package will come in the form of an eBook which is 149 pages long as well as a few extra bonuses about avoiding belly fat tips, how to eat healthy and more. The best thing about the 7 bonuses is that they are included in the same PDF file so that you don’t have to download them individually.

When first reading the eBook you will immediately be emerged into the world of fitness and anyone who is serious about losing weight will truly appreciate the professionalism that went into making this. Not only is the information remarkable, but the entire eBook is also very well designed with great graphics and images so that you can easily understand each concept.

Inside the book you will find all sorts of tips such as the quickest way to lose
belly fat, what ‘healthy’ foods can actually increase your weight and even workout tricks. Mike Geary’s eBook is not one of the best-selling fitness plans on the internet for nothing and by purchasing the program you will see why that is.


Although the main focus of this diet is for the mid-section, it actually helps you
improve your overall health, increase muscle strength and gets you in excellent shape. The eBook comes with information such as the 50 foods that will actually help you burn fat and there is even a built in meal plan.

Most diet meal plans require you to eat ridiculously small portions, but this meal plan actually lets you eat tasty full sized portions including salmon, chicken and more. All in all, when you stick to the program you will only need to workout roughly 40 – 50 minutes a day, 3 days a week. That is very easy to accomplish, especially since the eBook provides you with dozens of different work out exercises so that you don’t get bored.

Mike Geary

When it comes down to it, the main reason why this program is such a great success is because Mike Geary poured his entire heart into it. This man has integrated all of the necessary information for working out properly and more in order to please his clients.

You can even follow him on Facebook for constant updates and extra information about metabolisms, workout exercises and more. If you are truly serious about losing weight, the Truth About Abs will become your most treasured guide.