Prasouda Diet

The Prasouda Diet is the same diet as the more well known Mediterranean diet.

It is based on the diet of Cretan people from the Greek Islands, who according to the studies of health expert Ancel Key, are the healthiest people in the world.

The Cretan people live long disease free lives so as a health professional I decided to put this diet to the test by encouraging my clients to try it.

I also ate using the Prasouda Diet Plan for one month. Here is what I found.

If you like food, then get excited! The Prasouda diet is packed with fresh meat and fish, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit – all drizzled or cooked in delicious and healthy extra virgin olive oil.

About 60% of your food intake is fruit and vegetables, 20% fresh organic meat or fish 10% on organic sprouted grains and 10% of good olive oil. The food choices are amazing on the Prasouda diet and delicious!

Is It Expensive To Eat On The Prasouda Diet?

As with most diets for quick weight loss, there is always a down side, and while
I loved eating the fresh organic food on this diet, my
bank balance did not like it.

Most of my clients lasted only two weeks eating exactly as the diet specifies before changing to cheaper food options.

The Prasouda diet or Mediterranean diet was designed on the food of the Cretan people, who had access to fresh pasture raised meat, fresh local fish, free range eggs and locally grown grains. It is very important to note that the protein these people ate had none of the toxins stored in the meat that we generally eat today.

Their food was higher in Omega 3 and 6, and was in the correct ratios. Eating an abundance of fruit and vegetables high in pesticides and chemicals is not recommended on the Prosouda Diet, so organic local produce is once again the better option.

Organic sprouted grain breads and grains are also recommended, and bread made of these products although delicious, is once again expensive and difficult to come by.

Trying to emulate this lifestyle is expensive, and getting hold of organic free range food can mean shopping on-line and driving around town sourcing it. The diet suggests that you can eat modern foods instead, but are you really living the Cretan lifestyle that this diet is based on if you don’t?

Results On The Prasouda Diet

This Prasouda Diet incorporates a lifestyle of healthy food and moderate simple exercise. The food is metabolism boosting, and if you eat in the right proportions, you will lose weight. Most of my clients lost between 3 – 7 pounds in the two weeks that they stuck at it exactly. As a result of doing the Prasouda diet and living the recommended lifestyle, I felt healthier, my skin was clear and I definitely had more energy.

The one thing I did miss on this diet was communicating with others who had either had success on it, or were trying it themselves (other than my clients). This is one of the reasons that this diet is not on the Top 10 list of diets that work fast.

The other reason is that I don’t consider the exercise section to have enough information. Most of my clients enjoy a defined exercise regime at some stage in their weight loss, and there are certainly exercises that in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle can accelerate weight loss and fat burning.