Oatmeal Diet

The Oatmeal Diet requires substituting meals with regulated portions of cooked oatmeal, usually accompanied by skimmed milk, lean protein, fruit and vegetables. It is meant to be useful for weight management, lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of cancer. Researchers have recommended that the least processed, low GI form of oatmeal be used for the diet to work as required.



Tumblr users vary in their review of the oatmeal diet. The diet itself has been subjected to scrutiny by health professionals for how it could mistakenly encourage the consumption of processed ready-to-eat oats that are high on the glycemic index and low on nutrition.  Many dieters report weight loss on their tumblrs but seem to have restricted the diet to a specific time period. Some reviewers have provided explanations for why some dieters are unlikely to achieve weight loss, largely blaming processed oats. Some tumblr users offer recipes and suggestions for making the oatmeal diet more exciting with the use of fresh fruit, vegetable and protein.


Responding to curiosity from first-timers and fitness enthusiasts, Yahoo users who claim to have tried the diet seem happy with the control it gave them over their everyday menus but pointed to a need for incorporating more fresh produce and protein to give it a nutritional boost. Actual weight loss seems reasonably indicated but the diets all seem to have been limited to short periods of time.

Body Building

Forums on the body building website are mixed in their response to the oatmeal diet debate. Most users advise that processed oatmeal be avoided in any case. A significant number of responses advise an overall controlled approach to diet, as opposed to sticking with a specific food to achieve an ideal weight. Some have suggested supplementing this protein-poor diet by mixing protein powder into the oatmeal. In any case, it does not seem popular with those looking to build muscle, although most responses favor the intake of unprocessed oatmeal at breakfast, supplemented by fresh fruit and veg, animal protein and dairy.



Oatmeal smoothies are popular as a breakfast drink. They can be made with a variety of fresh fruit, dairy products or non-dairy substitutes. The healthiest recipes generally call for rolled oats, or cooked steel-cut oats as opposed to processed oats. Berries of all sorts can be paired with oatmeal to make a powerhouse of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins; strawberries and blueberries tend to be universally liked. Vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, cocoa and tree nuts are also popular options. Oatmeal smoothies offer the benefits of being nutritious and make a popular portable breakfast on the go.


Oatmeal is a versatile carb that can be cooked in interesting and flavorful ways. The basic oatmeal porridge has most often been accompanied with servings of fresh fruit and nuts. Some foodies offer variations on the theme with the use of poached fruit cooked in cinnamon, yoghurt, dehydrated fruit and natural nut butters. Oatmeal can also be adapted to suit a savory preference. Some bloggers and food writers suggest pairing oatmeal with fresh steamed greens, mushrooms, cooked spiced eggs, sausages, bacon, Mediterranean preserves and smoked seafood. Oatmeal can also be used to make healthy pancakes, crumbles and pie crusts. Most recipes that use coarse wholegrain flour can be adapted to fit oatmeal as a key ingredient.


Oatmeal cookies are universal offerings on food websites and seem to have garnered an enthusiastic following online. For fitness enthusiasts, there are plenty of recipes that omit sugar and processed flavorings, going instead for fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and healthy chocolate options. Oatmeal improves the nutritional value of cookies and adds an interesting texture.


The Oatmeal diet has received mixed responses. If adopted with the right kind of oatmeal and accompaniments, it has been shown to have weight loss benefits when adhered to rigorously. However, like other one-stop diets, it tends to be most effective in a short term way. In the long run, oatmeal itself continues to remain a popular healthy breakfast option.


Responses to the oatmeal diet show positive results for short term weight goals. However, only steel-cut or rolled oats may help achieve these goals as the processed ready-to-eat version has been known to have high GI, as many reviewers have pointed out.