Face Fat

Face Fat

Just as some people have excess weight on their arms or thighs, some people suffer problems with face fat, and the problem for these people is just as serious.

People with face fat are in a constant state of exposure. Where fat thighs and arms can be hidden away under lose clothing, face fat cannot be hidden. If you have face fat, it is the first part to greet you However in the mirror each day, and it is also the first thing other people see when they greet you. If you have face fat, then be assured, you are not alone and you can achieve face fat loss.

Face Fat Loss

Face fat, like any fat is stubborn, and just like any other fat, it cannot be targeted. The major causes are genetics, water retention, allergies, being overweight and lifestyle. For those who have tried everything and have had no face fat loss, you’ll know that there is no quick fix. However, people have reported success by face fat exercises, surgery and weight loss. I discuss these further below.

Face Fat Exercises

There have been numerous studies over the years of the effect of specifically targeting and exercising facial muscles. Although the results of face fat loss have been minor and generally only evident to person with the face fat, many people are using the exercises as a treatment.

Face Fat exercises are a series of exercises aimed at toning the facial muscles. This is a great idea, but the idea has a serious flaw. You can have a perfectly toned muscle, but if it is covered in a layer of fat, you will not be able to see it! As a dietician people are always asking me for the quickest way to lose belly fat. They want six pack abs and have been doing 500 sit-ups an hour!

Finally they have realized that they need to work on the fat before they even start thinking about the muscle underneath. If you want to lose face fat, then face fat exercises will only work alongside full body exercise and a specific diet to reduce all over body fat. Sorry.

While face fat cannot be targeted, you will be happy to know that studies show a reduction of face fat is evident within the first month of lifestyle changing diets. You must have seen people on diets for quick weight loss whose faces look completely different before their new body has emerged? The body likes to store fat around its important organs to protect them, and as the brain is well protected by the skull, masses of stored face fat are not actually necessary, so the body lets face fat disperse quickly.

If you are wanting to lose face fat then choose a diet which takes into account your metabolic type. Everybody is different and people metabolize foods differently. When categorizing people into metabolic types there are three categories: Protein types, carbohydrate types and a combination of the two. Diets which use metabolic typing will ask a series of questions to help to determine what metabolic type you are.

Your face fat could be the result of you metabolizing protein best – yet your diet is always high in carbohydrates, or the other way around. This is easily rectified by eating the exact food, in the exact quantities that your body requires. If you don’t know which foods are best for your body, this could explain why you are carrying stubborn face fat. I recommend these diet plans as the best diets to lose weight fast and to burn away your face fat.

Face Fat Removal

There is always a better option than surgery, however if your face fat is really annoying you and affecting your life, you can always have lipo suction. Face fat removal liposuction will cost you between $2000 and $5000 depending on where you live and the doctor you choose.

Another surgical option for face fat removal on the cheeks is Buccal face fat removal where small incisions are made and the buccal fat pad is removed. The recovery time for face fat removal can range from one week to six weeks, as the face heals fast.

I have seen the best results of face fat loss from good exercise, from proven diets for quick weight loss and a lifestyle free from smoking and alcohol.

Good luck with improving your appearance, your self-esteem and your lifestyle.