Perfect PullUp

Exercising can be a hassle if you have to  go to the gym every time in order to do it, making it no surprise that there is likewise  no shortage of home exercise equipment on the market. While many of these home exercise machines might look intimidating, there are some that are simple enough but that still promise to deliver an efficient workout. One such contraption is the Perfect Pullup, which need only be installed in a doorway. But is the Perfect Pullup efficient, and is it even safe?


A pullup means just that: using your arms to lift your own weight, with the help of a bar. A pullup can be painful and dangerous if not done properly, but with  the right posture and equipment, it can tone the upper body and strengthen the arm muscles. The Perfect Pullup is a contraption that can be placed across a doorway without the doorway losing its use. The Perfect Pullup has a handlebar as well as extra handles that can provide a variety of exercises, ensuring that each pullup works.

How It Works

The Perfect Pullup provides you a bar across your doorway, from which can be hung different straps and handles in order to carry out a variety of pullups. The bar provides three exercise positions, and the handles rotate, so that the arm and upper body muscles are engaged. The rotating handles also reduce strain on the joints. It will fit any doorway from a little over 2 feet to three feet wide, and can support up to around 300 lbs in weight.


Depending on where the Perfect Pullup is purchased, it will cost an average of $90 for the basic set. The Perfect Pullup is available both online and offline, at both major retailers and specialty fitness stores. On some online retail shops, the Perfect Pullup is sold with advanced straps and handles, which can allow for more exercises.


The Perfect Pullup is manufactured by Perfect Fitness, of Mill Valley, California, USA. Perfect Fitness imports the units from China. In 2011, the Perfect Pullup had to be
recalled from the market by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission because its plastic handles could not withstand the weight placed on them. Over 2000 reports of cracking handles were handed in, with over 30 of them including injuries due to the cracks, which included sprains and bruises. The Perfect Pullup has since been redesigned with differently shaped handles.


So far, the reviews for Perfect Pullup have been good. Many customers like how it fits over a wide variety of doorways and is sturdy. They feel that the Perfect Pullup gives them a workout that is efficient rather than tiring, and many reviewers talk about how they want to install more than one Perfect Pullup in their homes and offices. Many experienced increased muscle strength in their upper back and arms because of their Perfect Pullup exercises. There are very few negative reviews, with most of them having to do with missing parts and uncooperative customer service.


The Perfect Pullup has its own community page at Facebook which has over 7000 likes. Perfect Fitness also have a twitter profile with just under 500 followers.