4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

Crash dieting is often the choice for peopleĀ  who want to lose weight fast. However, crash dieting is hard to sustain and can make people cranky, hence the abundance of diet regimens online that bash crash dieting while offering their own easy weight loss solution. One of these is the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution, which promises weight loss within a week. But is theĀ  4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution safe and efficient, or is it just one among many empty promises?

Product Overview

While most crash diets remove fats altogether, the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution puts carbohydrates back into the diet, and even promises that people who go through the diet can still eat their favorite cake, ice cream, and sweets. The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is an ebook that contains tips on how carbohydrates can be used to push metabolic speed as well as fat loss.

What Is Included

The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution eBook is available for $47 with a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. The package comes with several bonuses: a food journal, success guide, supplementation guide, as well as the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution starter kit can be downloaded with the eBook.

The eBook package also comes with a manual, in audio format, that comes with time management tips and motivational talks on fat loss. There are additional trips on the best timing to eat certain foods, and an ab workout for the 7 days of the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution.


Shaun Hadsall is designated as a fat loss expert on the official 4 Cycle Fat Solution Website. Hadsall has been voted as the most fit in 2008 among all U.S. fitness professionals. Hadsall is also a trainer who helps people lose fat and keep it off, mainly through changing the attitude of dieters.


The official website of the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is registered by an entity that is known only as “Get Lean in 12” under GoDaddy.com.


Most crash diets do not work because the body uses fat as an adaptive response: fat is seen as a way to survive, so a starvation diet actually leads to more fat accumulation a few days into the diet. What a good diet should do is to override this adaptive response, as well as to go against the barricades at the metabolic and hormonal level that prevent people from losing weight.

The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution allows you to eat carbohydrates according to a scientifically derived method that will help increase metabolic rate and encourage fat loss. This reprogramming method takes a week to carry out, and occurs over four cycles that can be repeated until a dieter reaches his or her ideal weight.

Practical Application

The 4 cycles in the program start with carbohydrate depletion. This allows for 5-15 pounds of lost weight, and is meant to ease sugar cravings in order to stabilize the body’s sugar levels. In the second cycle of micro-patterning, you will change the levels of macronutrients in the food that you eat in order to speed up fat loss. This includes the foods that you like to eat, so this is not a deprivation stage.

The third cycle consists of accelerated fat loss, where the fat burning goes faster in order to override the adaptive response. The last cycle is the diet break, where the attitude toward food and eating should change, where the body’s fats are used to burn the remaining fats, and where fat no longer builds up in the body.

This program also involves abdominal exercises.