How to Lose Weight in a Week Without Exercise

If you want to know how to lose weight in a week, you’re in the right place! You will lose mostly fluids which will leave you in a very dehydrated state, however if you just want to lose weight for a week and will then start a more healthy  regime, then you should be fine.

The Basic Plan

As a dietician and health professional, I can tell you exactly how to lose weight
in a week. Here are simple ways to do it. You do not need to follow expensive daily plans as some diets will stipulate.

On all of the diets I mention, the key is very low calorie intake. If you are serious about wanting to lose weight in a week, then you should not have too many problems putting down the fork for a week!

Lemon Diet

The lemon diet is an interesting way to lose weight in a week. You basically knock out all junk food and carbs and drink as much homemade lemonade as you can. The lemonade has a detoxing effect to release toxins and built up fats so is of great benefit for those wanting to lose weight in a week. The recipe for the lemonade is to mix 2tbsp freshly-squeezed lemon juice, 300ml filtered water and either 2 tsps of good quality organic maple syrup or a small stick of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Drink it all day long.

Cabbage Soup Diet

One of the former top ranking diets for quick weight loss is the Cabbage Soup diet. This diet caused a storm in the 90’s with people carrying it on a bit too long and getting quite sick. But, if you want to know how to lose weight in a week, this is one of the best diets to lose weight fast. You will be very hungry but it is only for a week. The soup is simple. Throw into a pot tomatoes, spring onions, celery, carrots, capsicums and as much white cabbage as you can get in the pot. You can add stock powder too to add flavour.

To lose weight in a week, you only eat fresh fruit and vegetables for the first three days (no potato or bananas though) and as much of the cabbage soup as you want. On day four eat as much soup as you want and also as much skim milk and bananas as you can. Day five is soup and as much beef and tomatoes as you can, and day six is the same, but with beef and all sorts of vegetables. On the last day you can eat brown rice and vegetables, plus the soup. You will lose weight in a week, and despite the controversy, the diet is actually nutritionally sound, as long as you do not exceed longer than a week on it.

Sensible Tips

Without talking fad diets to lose weight in a week, here are a few sensible tips. In order to lose weight in a week, you must ensure your drinks are calorie free.
Drink a lot of water and ensure your sodas are diet sodas, and that your coffee has no sugar added. If you must have milk in your coffee or tea, have just a dash.

The next tip on how to lose weight in a week is to ban white bread and white rice. Choose low GI options of pumpernickel or rye breads and brown rice. You will feel satisfied on smaller portions and you will feel fuller for longer.


Lastly, if you want to lose weight in a week, then you should put aside an hour a day for some full on cardiovascular exercise. Do some aerobics classes or run. You need to burn, burn, burn! Do not work out using any weights, as with a limited calorie diet you will be very weak and could injure yourself. Once you have done your extreme dieting for a week, and the big event is over, it is a great idea to try and stay slimmer! However I would not recommend you continue dieting the way I have mentioned. 

Final Recommendations

These methods are strictly short term, and eating like this for long periods of time will seriously affect your health. Changing your eating is fun, dieting is not. Check out book shop shelves for informative healthy eating books, or check out the library. I especially recommend people to try ebooks these days, as some offer free trials, so you can have a good look at what you are buying before paying.

Good luck in losing weight in a week! But remember to make this the start of your new slim life! Good luck!