Best Diet Books

best diet books are now not of the paper type. With the boom of the Kindle and portable tablets, multi-media diet books are now where it’s at! Furthermore, people are not merely satisfied with text-only diet products.

The best diets for quick weight loss nowadays also come with videos, interactive forums and online tools such as meal planners and shopping lists. In terms of diet books these days if you’re not digital and downloadable, you don’t exist!

Best Diet Books For Women

The best diet books for women are currently the Diet Solution Program and the Truth About Abs. These two products have been consistently ranked within the Top 10 best diet books list for over 2 years running.

The Diet Solution Program has slightly better information in terms of diet plans for women because it is written by a female trainer and exercise practitioner Isabel De Los Rios.

The DSP is one of the best all-round diet plans to lose weight fast, however it is more tailored to women because it has an exceptional section on how to control and maintain your diet for effective weight loss.

Dieting is the most effective diet strategy for women because it has been shown that women respond better to diet than exercise in terms of overall weight loss.

Worst Diet Books

Unfortunately, there still continues to be many fad diets entering the market competing for your hard earned cash. Theses diets are usually pretty easy to spot because they generally make outrageous claims like they can show you how to lose weight in a week without exercise or while eating cookies, ridiculous.

The two most popular scam diets for 2011 are the Special K Diet and the 17 Day Diet. The huge popularity of these diets is due to some slick marketing and celebrity endorsements, very strong and convincing marketing strategies indeed.

Sadly, the diets themselves don’t live up to the hype and as of this year the results coming in have been sketchy and far few. Only time will tell if these diets will last and finally make it into the Top 10 list of best-selling diets.

Best Diet Books For Men

The best diet plans for men are currently the Truth About Abs and Fat Loss 4 Idiots. The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary is the premier diet and weight loss solution for men with tons of practical dieting advice and best of all, the most effective fat burning exercises.

These diets appeal to men because they have a high focus on exercise with a special emphasis on muscle building and toning. Men carry most of their weight around their mid section, more so than women, and the Truth About Abs is without a doubt the quickest way to lose belly fat on earth!

Our Top 10 list of diets that work fast is updated monthly and only contains weight loss programs that have been reviewed, tried, tested and proven to get results.

New diets come on to the market constantly, some of them are actually quite good, however you won’t find many of them making it into our list until at least a year. No amount of science or endorsements can take the place of actual user reviews and that’s precisely what we wait to see before listing a new diet.