This site is designed to give honest and hard-hitting information on various  diets, weight loss products, surgeries and research.

Let’s face it, these days when you want to find out something about a new diet or weight loss technique the first thing you’ll do is ‘Google it’. The problem with doing this is that there is a lot of misinformation out there which is not actually
true or based on any facts. Hopefully you found this site and got some good solid information about whatever it is you were thinking of trying out. Additionally, I hope it saved you some time and money which is all too valuable to anyone.


The main theme and subject of Dietopia is diets, more specifically weight loss  diets. There are so many diets out there and new diets coming out everyday. What I always say it’s never a good idea to try a new diet (especially fad/crash diets) out until it has been around for at least a year. This gives it time to be  tested and you’ll be able to see what the results are of people actually doing the  diet.

You’ll notice on this site an updated Top 10 Diet list. The diets on this list are there based on a strict criteria. Firstly, they are all at least over a year old (most of them over 5 years). Secondly they have all sold thousands (some even hundreds of thousands or millions) of copies. The monthly ranking are updated based  according to gross worldwide sales volumes.

Diet Pills

Diet pills come in many varieties these days; fat burners, appetite inhibitors,  metabolic boosters… The list goes on. As the names suggest they all propose to do different things. However, the key to remember is that any pill you take is going to do ‘artificially’ what you should be trying to do naturally. Don’t get me wrong,  pills do have positives; they are easier (good for lazy people or those with no time) and involve less overall effort on your part. Just bear in mind that the results will never be as effective as following a proper diet and exercise regime.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgeries are becoming more popular since there have been recent  reports of very positive results, especially in the obese and morbidly obese  population. The most common types of surgery and stomach stapling (bariatric surgery) and to a lesser degree liposuction (more of a cosmetic surgery). Some states and even medical insurances will actually pay for your staple. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are in the high risk morbidly obese group.


Without doubt the best thing you can do to improve your overall health is to do more exercise. The evidence is overwhelming and it is an undisputed FACT. Do more exercise! It doesn’t have to intense or anything you don’t like. Walking your dog, doing the gardening or even taking the stairs every now and again.