Ballerina Diet

Ballerina Diet (Tumblr Version)

The ballerina diet is effective not only because it allows reducing weight, but  also allows us to maintain the weight. The diet does not require a long list of products; just some rules you need to follow!

Ballerina Diet Rules

The first rule to follow the diet is to remember not to overeat. The diet gives us
the liberty to combine different protein foods such as fish and meat. However, the dieter is only allowed to have soup for lunch. The food you cook for yourself should be free of salt and the dairy and milk products consumed should only be fat free. The diet also advises us to drink 2 liters of plain mineralized water and advises not to drink it 30 minutes before any meal.

Following these simple rules will help in reducing weight, bringing the metabolism to a normal range and in improving your health conditions:

The diet comes with a menu for breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. The dieter can take one-third of one packet of non-fattening cheese (cottage) along with a glass full of warm milk or yogurt for Breakfast.

For the second breakfast, the diet allows them to take bread along with butter and one cup of coffee sweetened with a teaspoon of honey. For the dinner, the dieter is allowed to have one tablespoon of rice along with one cup broth and one piece serving of meat. The meat, however, should not be of more than 150 grams. The diet also allows the dieter to snack on an orange or an apple between the lunch and dinner. The dinner consists of one glass full of warm milk or yogurt, sweetened with one teaspoon of honey if necessary. The dinner must be taken two hours before bedtime.

Ballerina Diet Pills

Ballerina Diet Pills increase the body temperature of the user to some extent, thereby forcing the calories to burn faster and increasing the speed of the metabolism. The pills are Chinese and contain pure Chinese herbs and claim to be safe. However, there are several side effects that come along with the weight loss. Common side-effects experienced by users include abdomen pains, nausea, sleeplessness, dehydration, dry skin and dark circles due to lack of sleep.


The ballerina diet pills mostly received a negative review. While the customers agreed that it helped them lose weight, it also brought along a number of side effects mentioned above. Moreover, customers who stopped using the pills gained back twice the weight they had lose by using the pills.

Ballerina Diet Tea

The Ballerina tea is very popular among dieters for the high rate of weight loss
it brings around. The tea is made up of a herbal formula which is believed to be
healthy and natural for dieters and supports weight loss. Ballerina tea is made up of a formula which contains herbal elements. However, even though it sounds positive, the Office of Dietary Supplements states that only because something is botanical, it does not mean that the product can be considered to be safe. The dosage, preparation and many other factors of a herb determine whether is safe for use or not. The fundamental ingredient of ballerina tea that induces weight loss is Senna. Senna is known to be a
stimulant as well as a laxative in nature.


While most of the users of the Ballerina Diet Tea were happy with the weight loss results, many complained about the side effects of the product. The most common side effects include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, purging, upset stomach, dizziness and nausea. Customers also complained that they gained the weight back after some time.

A lot of customers also complained that the tea did not help them lose any weight even after they used it for days.