Perfect SitUp

While all core exercises are good for  the body, very few people have time to do an entire routine of core exercise in order to strengthen and tighten the abdominal muscles. There are products out on the market that are designed to make core exercises more efficient and effective, whether by  placing the body in the right posture in order to lose more fats; or making a few movements yield greater results at a faster pace. One such product is the Perfect SitUp, which is marketed on television and has found its way to major retail outlets. But is the Perfect SitUp as perfect as it is advertised, and can it work?


The Perfect SitUp Perfect Fitness product is an ergonomically formulated board that will put the body in the right position to carry out a crunch and leg lift, both of which tighten the upper body and abdomen. A person lies down on the board and can do the exercises with no unnecessary strain on the neck and head. The board also has its own hand grips, which can be useful for exercises that require putting the hands in one position, minus the discomfort.

How It Works

The product has a slope to cradle the back, preventing strains to the head and neck muscles. This way, crunches and leg lifts are done with the end result of isolating the abdominal muscles, and not damaging the neck and head in the process. The base of the Perfect SitUp puts the body in a comfortable posture, making exercise efficient. It is also small enough to be stored in a cabinet. The product also has its own click mechanism, to remind the user that he or she has already achieved the complete range of motion. This also keeps people from over stretching or over exercising, which can likewise be dangerous.


Depending on where you intend to buy the Perfect SitUp, the product will cost, on average $60. The Perfect SitUp is available both online and offline, through both specialty fitness shops and major, mass retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target. Major online retailers such as Amazon also have the Perfect Situp, along with consumer reviews.


Perfect SitUp is designed and marketed by Fitness Quest, which is also responsible for other As Seen on TV products such as the abdominal exerciser, the magnetic bike, the Ab Lounge Extreme, and even the ShamWow.


Most of the reviews for the Perfect SitUp have been positive. Most users talk about how they can watch TV while using it, and without feeling a strain on the neck and head. Some also like how it is easy to use and store. Reviewers who have used it for several weeks also talk about how they already feel different, and how the Perfect SitUp works even if the users and reviewers have a bad back. However, some users complain that the locks, which are supposed to check for range of movement, do not work or make the exercise too easy. Some athletes also complain that there is no challenge when they use it, making the Perfect SitUp more reliable and useful for people who get low to  no exercise.

Social Media

Although there are no official Facebook pages for the Perfect SitUp, there is a page with exercises  which has over 160 likes. There are no official websites or twitter account for Fitness Quest.