Anorexic Diet

Anorexic diet is an extreme form of  diet which includes consuming food in very small portions once or twice a day. Some people do go for a snack every now and then but that too in very small amounts. There is a calorie plan that anorexics follow ranging from 150 calories to 900 calories a day to almost 1000 calories in a week in very extreme diet plans. Alongside the diet in some plans there is a rigorous exercise program to keep the body in shape during the diet. The female populous is more attracted to this form of a diet. People on this diet have a very low body weight as compared to height.


There are a number of blogs explaining the diet and containing tips allowing new anorexics to join up and start on their own diets. A number of blogs consist of motivational images and dedicative statements showing the bloggers commitment to the diets.

Whereas there are others who have recorded their everyday food intake on tumblr. These blogs can be very helpful for people who wish to start their journey as an anorexic and are looking for a guide on how to start. The blogs which contain the journals of anorexics can be quite helpful if someone does not know how or what to consume starting on this diet.

These bloggers mostly consist of females who have decided to take up this diet. There certain bloggers who have been on this diet for quite some time now. These blogs can be helpful for people who have decided to start up on these diets and are just looking for general or generic ideas how to move forward in this diet . Some of these old bloggers are.

There are also a number of bloggers who have just started up on this diet and can be helpful for those who just wish to follow a diet plan with little amendments. Such help can be found from bloggers.


 An anorexics menu mostly consists of items that are fat free and low calorie foods, diet drinks, or even small amounts of vegetables and fruits. The meal plan or diet menu depends upon the number of calories the anorexic decides to consume daily. Then the food intake is recorded in form of calories in order to keep record of the number of calories consumed. Hence basically the menu is decided depending on the set goal calories consumption per day.

 Some anorexics decide to diet with low calorie foods such as jam, jelly, toast, diet soda, low calorie butter, small egg, lactose free ice cream etc. to meet their daily calorie goals. Whereas there are others that decide to mix it up a bit with fruits or lettuce in very small proportions like 3 small bite sized pieces of apple, 5 or 6 grapes, spinach leaves, a single fruit etc. In drinks extreme anorexics prefer only water while others often prefer diet sodas or green tea.


 Food items consumed in anorexic diets must be low calorie in order to meet the preset calorie limit for the day. Different food items that can be consumed in diets are jelly, jam, low calorie butter, fruits, lettuce, spinach, eggs, a few slices of toast etc. In an anorexic diet quantity is more important than quality or types of foods. A person in the diet can have a single slice of toast with low calorie butter, jelly, a few lettuce leaves and a few grapes in a day and still not cross 400 calories.


 In an anorexic diet only diet sodas are to be consumed e.g. diet coke, diet sprite etc. No normal sodas are consumed in a serious anorexic diet. Most extreme dieters only consume water, only coffee (no cream or milk) or green tea as they have extremely low calorie quantities.


 Any person starting newly on the anorexic diet requires to set up a diet plan in
which he/she must start from a particular number of calories per day and then start consuming less and less as the diet proceeds. For example a person can start by reducing the amount of food during breakfast dinner and lunch and then reducing the number of times you consume food every day in extreme cases. It is often helpful to mix it up and eat a combination of different items during the whole day by taking it in very small quantities multiple times throughout the day. Along with a diet there is a requirement for a strict exercise regime by some anorexics to burn the extra calories and lose weight.

There are a number of tumblr, livejournal and wordpress blogs and articles on the internet that can be quite helpful for new dieters. They include diet plans, meals, and even exercise regimes.


 Results of the anorexic diets are seen usually depending upon the extremeness of the diet. Usually people see results within a month if the follow a strict low calorie program along with a regular exercise regime. After the third month the person on the diet has gained a significant reduction in the weight. These diets and their results depend upon the dedication and commitment of the person and the goals they set. Often, to reach extreme weight goals extreme diets are required and they often take more than three or four months. Different blogs on tumblr can be viewed where anorexics keep proper record of their diets so as to get an idea of how long required results will take to achieve with a given plan.