Smoothie Diet

A Smoothie Diet is a diet oneĀ  follows to lose weight. In this diet the goal is to replace one or two meals with smoothies which are full of beneficial ingredients. A smoothie diet is NOT an all liquid diet. You still may have your meals as it is, but the aim is to replace one or two of these meals with a smoothie.


One can incorporate a smoothie diet regime easily with their day to day meal plans. The only difference will be replacing one of the meals with nutrient filled smoothie.

Meal Plan

One of the simplest and effective most meals plan to follow is to first note down your eating habits. See what you eat and which meal is contributing to your major calorie intake. After doing so, replace that meal with a smoothie.
For example you might notice that what you eat at dinner, be it a pizza or spaghetti, contributes the most calorie that you intake. Aim to replace your dinner food with a healthy smoothie instead. By doing so you are cutting on your calorie intake and this will in effect help you lose weight. If you notice that breakfast or lunch are meals that contribute most towards your calorie intake, then try to replace these with a smoothie. Never try to replace all your meals with a smoothie because that is not healthy at all. One to two meals replaced with smoothie are ideal as well as healthy.


People who followed the Smoothie Diet were successful in losing their required set weight. Smoothie diet results in weight lost, stronger immune system, improved hair and skin and an overall refreshed and energized body.

Before and After

Over the internet one can find many stories of people boasting about their before and after weight following a smoothie diet. Katherine Natalia claims to have lost 56 Pounds of weight following a Green Smoothie Diet. She talks about her story on her website.

Other people who followed the diet are exceptionally happy about how energized and full of life they feel. Reviewers who followed the diet plan were successful in losing their required pound of weights. This weight ranges from 10 pounds to around 60 pounds. Of course the duration to acquire said weight loss varies.



The best thing about the smoothie diet is the numerous recipes and their variety that one can find easily. Overtime many people have written a lot of recipe books telling and talking about their recipes for making a smoothie. Some of these books are:
1. The Healthy Green Drink Diet; author: Jason Manheim
2. Smoothie Diet: The Smoothies Recipe Book for a Healthy Smoothie Diet; author: Jarrod Becker
3. Smoothie Diet Cookbook: Smoothie Recipes to Lose the Fat by Deborah Holgers
4. Green Smoothie Magic by Gabrielle Raiz
5. The Green Smoothie Bible: 300 Delicious Recipes by Kristine Miles

These books are all available on

Grocery List

You can also make your own smoothie recipe using around two to three of the following ingredients:
-Nonfat Milk
-Nonfat Yogurt