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A sugar-free diet is also done to assist in losing weight, making moods more stable, and even having better gums and teeth. A sugar-free diet, however, is not a sweetener-free diet. People who go on this diet substitute out sugars with natural sweeteners such as Stevia.

How To Do It?

Sugar is an almost indispensable, not to mention unavoidable part of the diet, so experts advise all dieters to take it slowly. To completely remove sugars from the diet will take around a couple of months, so experts say that dieters should pinpoint where their highest amount of sugar comes from.

Once this source is identified, a person can target that source and slowly take it out of their system. This might mean giving up sugar in one's morning coffee, doing away with chocolates and sweets, removing soft drinks and colas from one's menu, and even taking out cake and other baked goods from the diet. Once these sources of sugar are removed, they can be substituted by natural sweeteners such as Stevia and agave.

Reasons For Doing It

Some people give up sugar for weight loss, especially if they do not exercise a lot. Excess sugar in the body can force the body to pile up the fats. Taking out sugar from the diet can encourage the body to get energy from other sources.

Although research has not yet substantiated it, taking less sugar in the diet is thought to keep vital organs from degenerating and getting damaged. This is thought to prevent cancer.

Lastly, some people give up sugar to ease up on their acne breakouts. Although there is not a lot of research to substantiate this claim, it is thought that sugar can encourage breakouts by providing the optimal body pH to harbor acne-causing bacteria. Higher sugar levels might also have effects on the body's hormone levels, which can encourage the formation of acne.

Menu Sample

For breakfast, you can try unflavored oatmeal, or sugar-free bread with avocados. For lunch, you can also have sugar-free bread with grilled chicken and salad with sugar-free dressing. For dinner, you can also have a salad with sugar-free dressing, and grilled meats with sugar-free marinade. You will also need to avoid dessert unless it is made with a natural, non-sugar sweetener. For snacks throughout the day, you can have sugar-free crackers or chips, only very few fruits, and a lot of water.

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Sugar Free Diet

We have often been told to avoid sugars as part of a healthy diet and more specifically, to keep our liver healthy and avoid diabetes later in life. However, we've also been told that we should not completely remove sugars from our diet, as many of our vital organs, including our brain and eyes, require sugar in order to function properly. Nevertheless, there is a popular sugar free diet that is making the rounds. Is it safe and effective, and can it help you lose weight?


A sugar-free diet is a way to manage what some health enthusiasts call ?sugar allergies,? or the body's adverse reaction to sugar ingestion. A sugar-free diet will reportedly manage the levels of sugar in the blood, which can delay or even prevent diabetes.

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There are many foods that contain sugar, so if you want to do the diet, you will need to avoid the usual suspects: bread, cake, chocolates, and even fruits such as grapes or apples, which contain a lot of sugar. However, if you have any blood sugar disorders, you will still need to talk to your doctor about how to go through a sugar-free diet without crashing. You will also need to ask what kinds of food you can consume, since not all metabolisms are the same.

If you have a tendency to develop hypoglycemia, a sugar-free diet might also lead to a rapid drop in blood sugar, which can be deadly.


If you want to follow a sugar-free diet, then you will need to read all package labels. Nearly all foods contain sugar, and it can turn up even in foods that you don't expect to have it. This will include hidden natural sugars such as fructose, lactose, glucose, and maltose, as well as high fructose corn syrup and honey.

You will also crave for sugar, so keep a few substitutes ready just in case you are on the verge of giving in. For instance, you can add cinnamon to food or drink sugar-free licorice tea. You also need to give up alcohol, as most alcoholic drinks either have a lot of sugar, or can lead to a rise of sugar in your blood.

Sugar Free Diet