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My name is Neville Pettersson and Dietopia is my website. I’m a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

I am married with 2 kids and am very passionate about making the world a healthier place, one article at a time. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

247 Fat Loss
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Some of the information relating to the diet to be used can be accessed for free from the Truth About Abs website. The plan suggests eating five meals per day instead of three may help in losing fat.

The program suggests that it does not work miracles and change overnight. For the plan to work properly, regular exercise as directed in the Truth About Abs e-book should be performed. The e-book contains pictures for easy references and positions.

7 Day Belly Blast

The 7 Day Belly Blast plan helps the user reduce the weight and the size of the belly in just a matter of days. It was created by Josh Bezoni, who is a diet specialist.

The 7 Day Belly Blast plan works on three concepts: Firstly, the plan helps regulate and change the calories intake for the 7 days period. This is called
Calorie Confusion Method. This helps limits the person's calories intake over the course of the plan.

Secondly, the plan discusses 37 different foods that actually help kill the fats in the body. The plan identifies the foods that cause the fat and helps the user to replace them with foods that burn the fats. Lastly, the plan discusses a
Thermal Burn Technique. This technique works by eating a lot of designated foods that help in burning the fats for within.

Rehan Jalalis Six Pack Diet Plan

The Six Pack Diet Plan introduced by Rehan Jalali helps in developing abs and a hard body and keeping this shape permanently. As the name suggests, this plan was developed by Rehan Jalali, who is the president of Supplement Research Foundation.

The Six Pack Diet Plan works for a longer period of time and the effects of the plan are claimed to be permanent and requires time and dedication unlike the fast track plans that show quick but temporary results.

The plan aims to use the hormones present inside the body and target get to areas for example abdomen. The plan uses nutrition, food supplements and a strict exercise plan. The plan also focuses on increasing the number of daily meals from 3 to 8. This allows the metabolism to work around the clock and continuously keep your energy level high.

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Six Pack Diet Plans

Truth About Abs

Truth About Six Pack Abs, or more commonly known as the Truth About Abs, is a diet plan targeted specifcally to forming six packs. It was created by fitness expert, Mike Geary.

Truth about abs is an e-book that explains the necessary food nutrition that is to be taken by the user and the detailed exercise plan outlining the necessary exercises that are to be performed to develop six pack abs.

The program focuses largely on the food and diet aspect along with the exercise component.

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5 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

The 5 Tips To Lose Belly Fat is a guide that helps the users by teaching them how to reduce their belly size. This program is designed and introduced by a physical fitness expert, Caleb Lee. This program directs the user to perform specific exercises during the course of the program. Three to five types of exercises are mentioned in the guide which would help reduce the belly fat completely.

There is no need for consulting a doctor before taking this plan as there is
no major diet change or hectic exercises involved. The plan includes methods that are known to be the fastest and most efficient methods of losing weight. The plan also comes with five things that are forbidden and should not be done if the body is to be kept in shape.

300 Workout Diet (buzzle.com)

300 Workout Diet plan was designed by Mark Twight, who trained the cast of the movie ‘300’ in helping the actors develop six packs. The plan focuses primarily on a strict diet rather than just exercise. This diet plan suggests the user to take what is described as complete protein diets which provide the necessary proteins in the body and also contain amino acid which helps in muscle building. The plan also recommends the users to intake high level of complex carbohydrates that helps boost the energy level. Thirdly, intake of unsaturated fat foods is recommended. Lastly, intake of small quantities of vitamins and minerals those are necessary for proper functioning of the body. The users are recommended to take small and frequent meals and avoid processed high-fat foods. High protein foods like milk and eggs should be taken before sleeping to help reduce muscle loss during sleep.

Six Pack Diet (livestrong.com)

This plan is made available for
free on Livestrong.com. The plan focuses on intake of nutritious foods to cut the calorie intake in the body. The exercises indicated are focused on your abdomen region and the sides of the stomach. The diet plan suggests that the person should not skip breakfast as it results in slowing down the metabolic rate and causes low level of energy in the body. The plan also focuses on eating a more healthy diet and avoiding processed and greasy foods like doughnuts, fries, pastries, burgers, pizzas etc.

Six Pack Doc (wordpress.com)

free diet and fitness plan is available for the users to help transform six packs abs through a balanced intake of diet and regular exercise. The program indicates that the user take a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The plan suggests the proper mix of foods to be taken that would result in a balanced diet. It continues on to tips and methods of targeted exercise that would ultimately result in the formation of six pack abs. The fitness tips help
maintain the six packs developed during the curse of this plan.

Six Pack Diet