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My name is Neville Pettersson and Dietopia is my website. I’m a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

I am married with 2 kids and am very passionate about making the world a healthier place, one article at a time. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

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There are a lot of fruit diet plans that one can follow. Most famously followed of these are 3 days fruit diet plan and 7 days fruit diet plan. The plans can range from all sorts of components. Some only allows one to eat fruits while some are flexible enough to accommodate fruits in daily food intake etc. The plans are numerous and each boasts to offer the results like weight loss, better skin, energized body etc.

One of the plans can be:

Day 1:

On day 1 you may either eat two pineapples. Or instead of that you may have 2kgs of strawberries. Aside from these also take lots of water and tea.

Day 2:

On day 2 you can have 1 pineapple, 2 pears and few strawberries and kiwi.

Day 3:
For day 3 you may have a papaya and apricots or figs for breakfast. For lunch an apple, orange and pear. You may also take few kiwis with these.

Note: This is an example of a plan and not an actual plan. But in essence, this is what they are like.


Fruit diet is mainly a detox plan. By not consuming any processed food and eating only raw natural food along with water and tea, the diet claims to detoxify the body of all of its harmful toxins. For many a fruit diet is an essential diet plan for a healthy and detoxed body!


The most common result of following this regime is the weight loss. As a result of the fruit diet, the dieter gets a detoxed body, less sugar cravings and is able to shed a lot of weight.


The fruit diet has mixed reviews. For some it has worked really well. They suggest following the Fruit Flush 3 day detox plan by Jay Robb along with taking protein supplements. The people who followed this regime lost around 8 to 10 kg of weight in just 3 days! Initially they feel tired but afterwards they noted that the diet made them more energetic.

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Fruit Diet

Fruit Diet or Fruit Flush is a diet regime followed by people looking to drop 9 to 10 pounds of weight in a small time, often 3 days. The duration can vary for person to person and the diet can be continued on for 7 days, 10 days or 14 days.

In Fruit Diet or Fruit flush, the person
eats nothing but fruits. Some people also take starch less vegetables along with fruits. Although it depends on the dieter but the usual fruits chosen are banana, apple, papaya, watermelon, orange etc. In this time where processed foods are consumed in abundance, the fruit flush diet regime claims to help body get rid of all these toxins.
The diet allegedly helps one to get rid of weight, remove toxins from the body and result in an energized body with better skin, hair and nails etc.

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Fruit Diet

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is a Hollywood celebrity. His upcoming movie is called 'jOBS' which is based on the life of Steve Jobs.
To fit into his role of playing Late Steve Jobs who was thin and skinny, Ashton Kutcher had to lose some weight. To do so he opted for the
Fruit Diet.

Following his diet where he ate nothing but fruit, the actor
had to be hospitalized just a few days short of filming. He is told to say that he was double over with pain. The actor blames the fruit diet for his hospitalization.


Pancreas is a vital organ of a human body. They work by excreting insulin and controlling body's sugar level through it. As we know fruits are essentially full of sugar, and it's the job of pancreas to control the sugar level of body, which is increased with the increase in intake of food. 1-2 cups of fruit per day is not only beneficial, but also a healthy requirement. Eating only fruits though can really mess up the way our pancreas function and can cause major health problem.

Pancreatic Cancer

Every year the number of people afflicted by Pancreatic Cancer is increasing. Half of the patients diagnosed with it die within 10 months. According to medical studies it is now been discovered that fructose might be a leading cause of Pancreatic Cancer. The average fructose intake allowed is 25 grams per day. Any more per day can affect the Pancreas on the long run.


The condition when pancreas of a human body is inflamed is called Pancreatitis. One of the many causes of Pancreatitis might be the fruit diet. This theory has weight since Ashton Kutcher was diagnosed with Pancreatitis following his fruit diet.