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My name is Neville Pettersson and Dietopia is my website. I’m a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

I am married with 2 kids and am very passionate about making the world a healthier place, one article at a time. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

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The 30 Days to Thin program is formulated by Christina Clark, who claims that she took many different celebrity secrets and is simply sharing them with the dieting and fitness crazy public. According to the website, Clark lost as much as 38.5 pounds of fat in fewer than 30 days, and claims that she has an 85% success rate with all her clients under the 30 Days to Thin program.


The official website of 30 Days to Thin is registered under Domains by Proxy, LLC and GoDaddy.Com.


The 30 Days to Thin program occurs over 3 phases. The Transition Phase lasts for the first 4 days, the main During the Fast Phase goes until the 22nd day, and the last week of the program is devoted to Ending the Fast. Clark also works with several popular diets in the program, including the diets used on the Biggest Loser, the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Blood Type Diet, and even the Lemonade Diet, among many others.

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30 Days To Thin

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30 Days To Thin




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Click here for the 30 Days To Thin Home Page

Celebrities are often the source of envy and inspiration for people who want to get a hot, lean body - hence the proliferation of fitness and diet programs that are supposedly the secret behind celebrity bodies. One such program is 30 Days to Thin, which promises dramatic weight loss in 30 days. But is this a safe program, and how effective can it be?

Product Overview

The 30 Days to Thin program is available as an eBook that can be purchased and downloaded at the official 30 Days to Thin site. It contains a specific eating plan that you can follow step by step in order to lose a dramatic amount of fat in less than a month.

What’s Included

The 30 Days to Thin eBook package costs $37 and is available on the official website. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. The book itself has recipes and motivational chapters for weight loss. The main ebook has several exercises that target and isolate muscles in the face, waist, legs, and thighs. It also has a supplement guide, a diet plan for the month, email and text support, and a monthly newsletter.

The book also comes with bonus eBooks: how you can get skinny legs in just two weeks; how you can thin out your thighs in two weeks; and a weight loss calculator to help you through the 30 days under the program.

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Practical Application

The 30 Days to Thin program consists of keeping a food journal and closely monitoring one's weight. The program is not about starvation, but it is about eating a specific diet and getting a lot of exercise. The typical celebrity diet, says Clark, can be divided into over half consisting of fats, less than a fifth consisting of lean proteins, and a little under a quarter consisting of fat. The exercise regimen consists of cardio exercises, brisk walking, and even your favorite sports, all of which will fit in one hour.

Social Media

The 30 Days to Thin program has a Facebook page which has 12 likes. It is mentioned on a few Twitter tweets, which also sell the eBook package.